Wednesday, April 30, 2008


And the winner is.......
Da Da Ta Da! CHANDRA!!

That was fun, I wish I had something for everyone, we'll have to do that again soon! I feel like I just made a bunch of new friends, which is almost as great has hearing from some old friends (Miss Mayer! Tammy!). The down side is that I don't think I will post again, I might just retire my blog. I'm somewhat intimidated now that I know all you people are tuning in. Ok, I won't retire, but I'll have to triple check my spelling and quit talking about placentas. Congratulations Chandra! I'm glad you won, I know you'll love it. Thanks to everyone who played.


The Petersons said...

YAY!!!!! My mom just ran down in her PJs to tell me!! She's soooo excited too! Your girls are soooo cute! And did you know that today is my birthday? Happy Birthday to me!!!! What the perfect ending to the perfect day!!! Love you!!!

emily said...

Chan -
I had no idea it was your birthday! How perfect, it was meant to be. Happy happy birthday Chandra dear.

Alisa said...

Hey Emily-
It's Alisa Harris...from the Book Club. Although, I have only been to one meeting so I don't know if I am "technically" a full fledged member yet. Anyways, I love looking at your art. (I was going to get in on the drawing but was too late.) I was wondering if you minded if I link your blog to my blog to save me a step of going through Elise's blog to see your latest creation. I always like to ask..just in case you don't want me to. See you at the next book club gathering!

Oh yeah- was that you at Muscle class this morning? I think I saw you on the other side of the room as me...but I'm not sure. There were like 200 people between us!

emily said...

Alisa -
Of course you can link me, everyone is welcome.

Hope you are reading, this one is a long book! It's really good too.

I was so one of the 200 at muscle this morning! Let's say hi next time!

Amanda said...

too bad i missed your drawing. i haven't been blogging much lately! maybe i'll win next time! (hint, hint) :)