Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sus Destinos Parecian estar Entrelazados

She set out on a journey; she preferred to call it an adventure.  Her first step was synchronized with his.  Sus destinos parecian estar entrelazados.  His destiny was intertwined with hers. 

When the hot, dry wind blew tumbleweed of doubt across the plain of her identity, she was consumed and he was near.  When the incessant, choppy waters of give and pull, demands and sacrifice rendered her nauseous; his shadow, cast by the bright sun behind her, remained in the corner of her eye. 

Her passions looped through his fingers.  Together, they danced on mountaintops, feeling the warmth on their shoulders, bringing in the clear, fresh air till they were fit to burst.  Together, they swam in the mysterious depths, discovering unknown caverns, wondering how they didn’t know already, and knowing they couldn’t have. 

Their thoughts touch, depart, intertwine, parallel.  Always one, always two, always three.  Destiny, continue our adventure: we are ready.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Illustrious Apiarist

In the intriguing field of entomology, which lies among the yellow blossoms of clover, bordered by rows of lavender and the occasional potted petunia, one among the celebrated apiarists wears the crown.  She is noted for her bravery and dignity in the face of danger, as well as the sweetness of her honey.  To her, we give our most loyal adoration and utmost veneration.