Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Camouflage is one of a few of my recent paintings that are about identity - perception of self and how one is perceived and such things.  I am just starting to put this theme to words.  I'll have to explain my use of totems and getting tangled in patterns when I get to where I can wrap my brain around it and wax poetic.

Here is what I love about going to art shows: talking art smack.  With artists and art appreciators (love those).  When I am showing my own work I enjoy hearing what people think about my art and what it says to them, I also enjoy "educating" people on the meanings and thinkings behind my paintings.  Even better, I love getting to talk to other artists about their art.  I was in good company in Park City last weekend as part of a group show at the Meyer Gallery.  I had wonderful conversations with Ray Bonilla, Justin and Sunny Taylor, Brian Kershisnik, and others.  If you happen to be in Park City, stop in Meyer Gallery for a look-see.  It is a brilliant show and a wonderful gallery.  Lots of good art.  I'm trying to underplay my excitement by avoiding exclamations. !!!

I also had loads of fun on my trip to Utah canning all week-end long with my sisters!!  Oh there I go with the exclamations.  We just have so much fun!  And we turned bushels of produce from their gardens into delectable jars of winter blessings.  An old friend crossed our path in the kitchen and said, "What good little Mormon girls you are."  Yes, we most certainly are.
From Rhubarb to Tomatillos

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Drawing

Oh ya, I have a blog...  I'm so easily distracted.
My first drawing in my super cool new sketchbook that Nina gave me on my Utah trip.  Thanks Nina.  She made this from an old reader's digest book.  Some people are so cool.