Friday, July 15, 2011

Ewan James McPhie

Born Tuesday, 12 July 2011, 2:20 p.m.
7lb13oz, 21.25 inches
My parting words Monday night, "I didn't know it was possible to be so ready for something."  After a few frustrating days of waiting, hoping, wishing, expecting, disappointment, and trying to be patient, I had had it.  All day Monday I was in a hormonal stupor.  Peaceful, weepy, introverted and detached from any of the aforementioned emotions.  Gavin stayed with me every minute, helped clean the whole house, took us all out to lunch, and to do some last minute baby shopping.  When we got home I wrapped up the very last of my projects, tidied up the studio, and set out a painting to work on in the morning so I could have something to look forward to.  I went to bed very content, all was well in the world.

At 2:30 a.m. I was about to fall off my bed and realized I was being pushed off the edge by two sweet little girls.  I woke up Gavin to take them back to their room and headed for the bathroom.  With a full force gush, my water broke in the toilet!  We called our midwife, Wendy, to let her know, then went back to bed.  Was it hard to sleep?  Yes, I was very excited, but I also knew what was coming and wanted to get as much rest as I could.  We got up about six, didn't have much to do since we were seriously sooo ready.  So, we ate breakfast, walked, took a nap, walked, the midwifes were in and out, the girls watched movies... finally things got going just before noon.

Once labor got serious, everyone - Wendy, her two apprentices Ada and Ashley, Gavin, and my three beautiful, patient, and sweet girls - pretty much just sat around staring at me.  Usually at this point I am totally in my own world, curled up on my bed visualizing ocean waves.  So, this was different.  It was like a circle of love.  I was alert and clear between every contraction, sitting on the floor, conversing and absorbing all the love and affection around me.  

I had asked for a slower labor, one where I eased through every stage, and this is exactly what I got.  I usually slam through transition, with throwing up and whatnot.  I almost couldn't tell that I was there, it was so different that I was a little confused (just when you think you have these things figured out...).  I had one heavy contraction that felt like a bulge moving downward.  Instinctively I knew what was happening, but it took me a minute to connect that it was go time.  Gavin had the tub ready, so I went ahead and got in.  We figure I had eased on through transition, with no puking, per request.  

Oh, the water was so soothing!  It felt so good to take some of the pressure off and ease my lower back.  I took my time getting to the pushing part.  I think I was waiting for that euphoric anagelesic feeling that comes with babies head pushing on the pelvic bones combined with the insatiable urge to push.  I didn't really get that this time, actually I was having a hard time getting comfortable enough to start pushing.  OK, I was being a wuss.  I didn't want to push,.  But, I wanted to see him.  I wanted everyone to see him.  So I got to work.  And work it was!  Two giant pushes and out his head came.  I waited for him to turn sideways, took a deep breath, and glup-glupped him out with one good umph.  

So purple!  So squishy!  He would not open his eyes, but he gave a mighty cry straight off.  He had a nice long cord, so I got to hold him comfortably, keeping him in the warm water.  His brow was so wrinkled and concerned.  Gavin made me double check that he really was a boy first thing.  That was tough because he was so slippery, but he is indeed a boy, with all the requisite parts.  He wasn't super happy about his arrival, till I nursed him and then he was ready to join us in ernest.  He's a sucker!  He actually had a little blister on his hand from sucking it in the womb. 

It took forever for the cord to stop pulsing.  My bum did not want to be in the tub any more and I was so hot.  But, it is so much easier to deliver the placenta in the water, and wash away all the ick getting out.  When it did stop pulsing the midwife clamped it and Gavin cut the cord.  They took sweet baby to dry off while I finished up.
Finally done, I got washed up and went to my bed to help get baby measured, weighed, tested, and wrapped up, sucking on my finger the whole time.  I am so in love with him I can barely stand it!  Ezra asked if all the girls in the house could be his moms.  Four moms, works for me.  These girls are pretty smitten as well.  Then, there is the proud daddy.  He is so happy.  We have a brother now, family of six, pretty fun.  

Baby Project #6, #8, and #9

Project #6
Crocheted Bears
I've been working on these for months, Monday morning, finally finished.

Project #8
Ok, really I just got new sheets and washed them.  I had thought about woodburning a little boat on one side and the names of all my babies and their birthdates on the other side, but decided not to do it.  Maybe I'll still get to it, maybe not.

Project #9
I reorganized all my files with the rearranging of guest room to office, office to baby's room.  We got Gavin new office furniture with file drawers, so I inherited the old 4-drawer file cabinet.  I have drawers for business, scrap, and other art stuff.  My old two-drawer file cabinet moved to the kitchen to file school stuff as it comes, and the keepables for all three girls from the school year.  Also, I have files for coupons, store credit, reference, take-out menus, manuals, etc.  I'm an organizational genius!

And, 9 projects, finished.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby Project #3, #5 and #7

Project #3
The Crib
I reconstructed this mobile (it was really old and ugly).  I painted the base, cut off the old animals and made these little swimmers.
Here is what baby will see:
Project #5
Project # 7
Phew!  I've been saying I'm ready for baby every day for three weeks now, but every day I don't have him I get so much done and think of so many things I forgot that I'm glad I didn't have him yet (sort of).  I've done tons of organizing (yes, including the top of the closets), I have a new filing system, and my junk drawer doesn't have any junk in it!  I've gone through all my girls clothes and they are ready for school!  (This may sound a bit over the top, but they start July 25, which is in two weeks!)  I've even moved into getting the house company ready for my mom and sister to visit.  I have a few things left on my list, but I'm about to run out!!  Do you think you could ever really run out of things to do? 
My current task is getting the studio painting ready so I can get to work as soon as the dust settles.  I am so excited to start a new batch of paintings.  Speaking of dust, I was really hoping this haboob would put me into labor!  No such luck, but we have a few monsoons coming this week...  I'm due Tuesday, I've never gone over a due date and I'm sticking to it.  Maybe Double Dream Hands will do it.