Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flourish and Fetter Show

I just returned from my annual pilgrimage east.  Cass and I had some hilarious, some odiferous, and some treacherous adventures in Brooklyn.  (Thanks Russ and Robin for letting us crash at your place.) 
 We sucked up creative energy at the Brooklyn Art Museum.  And, yes, made a film.  Party Hat Dance Troop takes Brooklyn. 

Then, on a train to Connecticut where we discussed business at the Greenwich Workshop headquarters.  Twenty-eleven is going to be a great year. 

I got my autumn fix.  Here is the dorky line I used at least twice, which is two times too many: "Cause, you know, the cactus don't change color..."  It was beautiful, and crunchy, and cold.  I love bundling up.
Were you wondering about the fabulous hats?  Why, it's the Connecticut chapter!  PHDT is going to take the planet one city at a time.

And, of course, Cass, dad, and I had a great show at the Greenwich Workshop Gallery.  Thank you Scott and Chris.  I saw old friends and made lots of new friends.  

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wild Hearts can't be Broken

My film-making debut!  I just found a new hobby (cause that's what I needed).  This weekend, Cass and I made a sequel to our movie, Tell me about Dancing, from last February in chilly Utah.  PHDT (said ffff-dot, standing for party-hat dance troupe), episode 2, the Arizona chapter.  I got to edit this one and learned how to use imovie.  Way too much fun.  Way too many ideas.

We had so much whirl-wind fun this weekend.  Hun taught me how she makes skirts, we made little dolls,  party-hat props for our movie, went to a punkin' patch and saw pigs race, got chills in the hobby lobby, hardly slept, and squeezed in some shopping.  I always get the coolest stuff when I shop with my sisters.  I really needed some concentrated, spontaneous creativity, of which Cass is the queen, and my girls needed cousin time.  And, now I need a nap.  I'm so glad they came, thanks for coming over, sister!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The flag I Bear

My dad is doing a large painting with young warrior women boldly bearing standards (huge flags with the colors of the values) looking mighty as worthy participants in the battle in heaven.  It's really powerful and beautiful.  I think a reaction to this representation is where my painting My flag is small I know, but it's not yours it is my own came from.  Maybe I was a standard bearer and carried a banner then, but now, I feel small.  Solid in my declaration, but not very loud.  A red flag, because it's the strongest color I know.  Small because I don't think very many people can hear me.  It may not be large, but it is mine, and it is pure and true.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Flag is small I know,

but it's not yours it is my own.

This is another painting for my show with my dad and sister in Connecticut in  a few weeks.  But who cares!  (I really do)  My sisters are coming to town!!  First Hun (aka Cass) comes with her girls next weekend, then Sari is coming down to ride El Tour de Tucson bike race with me, and my mom and dad are coming with her for Thanksgiving!  I'm working on a list of projects, here is what I have so far:
  • sew pillows
  • or dolls
  • make fleecy hats
  • work on Halloween costumes
  • a Halloween decoration or banner 
  • Halloween dolls! monsters or witches
  • paint the chicken coop (after we take a chisel to the poop, maybe not)
  • Hun has been itchin to make something out of our chicken eggs...
  • make a story book with pictures of our girls (or us, he he)
  • or a spooky movie
  • we can always make cards

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Drawings

Enjoy God's Creations
 I love General Conference weekend.  We spent sweet time together as a family, I made spelt-kamut bread from whole grains, we got a 100-gallon water barrel (bring on the disaster, we're good for at least two, maybe three weeks), I had lots of time to draw, and was spiritually fed.  A wonderful weekend... that isn't going to end because my kids are out of school for fall break!  Woot woot, party time.  First, Halloween decorations.  Second, camping trip.  Third, get ready for sister and nieces to come.  
Oh, that I were an angel
My favorite talk was by President Uchtdorf.  He talked about finding our "optimum speed," which probably means slowing down.  There is so much I want to do, accomplish, and be good at.  I just can't fit it all in.  He quoted Da Vinci, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  Sometimes we have to forgo good things in order to obtain better things.  Our self-worth ought not equal the length of our to-do list.  I needed to hear all of that, to better place everything in my life into proper perspective.  Love equals time spent with family, which is my highest priority and the key to harmony in the home.  President Monson shared a wonderful message about being grateful.  I have so much to be grateful for, I can hardly stand it.  So, I will try to "walk with gratitude."  

Friday, October 1, 2010

On Symbolism


A visual artist speaks her own language.  This language is read in symbols.  There are a few that are common, even universal, but an artist's alphabet is crafted out of experience and imagination and is identifiably unique.  Everyone uses symbols, think bumper stickers and jewelry.  The flip flop, for example.  Put it on a tote and I will read you as one who loves vacation, sea breezes, and wearing pastels.  

One of the main purposes of my blog is to teach you my language.  Not an easy task, putting visual symbols into words.  I'll be honest, I don't even know what my symbols mean sometimes.  I paint them and know they mean something.  Of course, writing about my paintings helps me define and decipher the meanings.  

Take these "totems" I have been using lately.  A totem is an animal, plant, or other object in nature that has a special relationship to a person, family, or clan that serves as a sign for that group.  I know that these paintings are about identity.  I think my women want to take on or emphasize the qualities and traits of their animal totems.  Ursus is a mother bear who fiercely defends her cubs, is soft and strong at the same time.  

Also in this piece, she displays a colorful and happy house.  It is inviting and somewhere you would want to be.  I'm not sure why it is one-dimensional, maybe a representation of an environment she is trying to create.  A symbol of a symbol.  The moon?  It makes me feel like she is the protector, when all is quiet and vulnerable, she holds her cubs safe.