Monday, April 14, 2008


I called this painting "Four". I probably could have got a little more creative with the title. (Titles are not my forte.) I suppose I could say that about the meaning of the painting as well. I often express the things that are foremost on my mind, of which there are now three, by putting representations of them on a woman's head. Sometimes they are birds, or birds with baby heads, or sheep. In this case they are bird houses, dwellings. I used this symbol because the frame of mind she is in. She is feeling like a vessel, she is the keeper of the dwellings of her little birdies. So, here is the simple part: She is thinking about taking on a fourth dwelling, becoming a vessel a fourth time. But does she have room? Can she do it? Should she do it?

The buildings are the world. The other people, grown ups probably. She sees hers as a little more dainty, precious and beautiful.

I love the ribbon across the bottom of the painting, winding its way delicately through her fingers. I have found myself adding this element to a lot of paintings. I think it represents her passions, her voice and creative expression. It is grounding, it is truth, it is honest and essential to her happiness.


Kristin said...

Oh she so has room!
She can do it, but it's not my place to say she should. :)

ducklips said...

I love that your paintings are such an autobiography. Every time I look at your blog I think, oh, I was just talking about that w/ her. With that said, boy you paint fast!

jennie said...

I HOPE she has room! I'd be so sad if she didn't! (I really want my kids to have cousins their age, can you tell?) Do you like how I assume you are talking about yourself in this painting?? I love it, BTW.

Morgen said...

If she is thinking it then she should MAKE the room.