Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So, my sister just posted about my dad telling her that, "It's time to put the sign on the door." He told me the same thing. He's talking about the sign on the closed studio door that says unless you are on fire, don't open this door. Our Tree of Life Show is in a couple weeks and we are trying to bust out some paintings.The thought of closing my door and making myself delightfully oblivious to my 3 small children makes me smile.  School is out, so in addition to the running bathroom sink waiting for discovery, soggy toilet paper and doll on the wet bathroom floor, little piles of chips on the couch and vicks vapor rub on every surface of their room, I get to hear, "she smacked my head... well she kicked me in the face... she took my polly pocket... she told me I'm out of her favorites..."  All this before noon.  As appealing as it might be to put a dead bolt on my door and play music really loud, I just don't think I could away with it.  
These innocent little angels?  Looks can be deceiving, 
suspect #1 on the far right.

Tomorrow we are off to a print signing in Boise.  A much needed respite before the final crunch.   


The Petersons said...

Is that what I have to look forward to one day when I have 3 kids? Awwwww blessed day! Hey, I was just thinking of how cool I am that I have that sketch at the top of your blog. I love you Em.

ducklips said...

Ahhh, the wonders of motherhood. How is it that dads, as wonderful as they are, just don't get that aspect of being a parent? Why aren't the kids kicking down their doors and yelling,"Daaaaaaadd" every time someone gets poked in the eye. Let me take the kids to the zoo one day next week and you can get some work done.

Amber said...

Okay looks like you've got lots of people that are willing to help out, but me I just want to be selfish and come watch you paint when you get back from Boise. I'll bring my hyper child over and then their will be a 4th vicks vapor rubbing child to the lot it may be inspiring for you as an artist as long as your next subject is "circus" but really if I can come take care of the kids and peek in a few times and watch you paint I would be more then willing to help you out. Let me know if that sounds good. See you at Co-op in the morning that is if you've made it through your bushels of produce from the last 2 weeks already, right?

Anonymous said...