Saturday, October 4, 2008

Back from Boise

Our Boise trip was a blast.
Signs with your name on it and flowers at the airport rock.
It's always a good time hangin' with my dad and my sister, talkin' art talk to our hearts content. We also talked the talk with one of my favorite artists, Bill Carmen. He had an opening the same night, so we stopped by and see his work, love it.
Gallery 601 is great.  It was a pleasure to introduce my art to the people of Boise.  And they fed us some seriously good food.
Downtown Boise is really fun.  We know because we kept getting lost and had the opportunity to see quite a lot of it.
It is always hard to say goodbye.  After some serious discussions, we are all geared up and just about ready ready for our Connecticut show.  I can hardly wait.  


bill said...

Emily, it was great to see you and to see how you have grown into a beautiful woman and sensitive artist. Keep up the great stuff. Wow, I look good for an old guy. I guess if I'm an old guy your dad must be ancient.

Natalie said...

Sounds like fun. I hope you wore your new dress. It is such a cute dress.