Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jack's Mannequin

Let me preface this story from the best weekend ever by telling you about one of my favorite bands, Jack's Mannequin. They just came out with a new album called The Glass Passenger that I absolutely love. Andrew McMahon, who writes the songs and plays the piano, was diagnosed with leukemia a few years ago. He has since recovered and used his experiences in some of the songs on the new album. I liked him before, but these new songs blew me away.  His song writing reminds me of the way I create my art.  It is in the translating of experiences, emotions and ideas.  Then, letting the viewer/listener gain understanding of the artists views or becoming something completely different, but meaningful to them.  That said, on with the story. So, Gavin was in LA all week taking a class.  Thursday he gets an email for a "secret" Jack's Mannequin show Friday night at the Viper Room (you know the place were River Phoenix died that was owned by Johnny Depp...) on the Sunset Strip.  How could he pass that up, he wanted to know, he was already there?  One problem, I was not there, and he was NOT going without me.  So, I flew to LA Friday evening and we drove to West Hollywood for the show.  Seriously about traffic in LA, it took forever to get there.  We parked around the back of the venue and walked up the hill to figure out where the doors are and whatnot, weaving through a clump of people on the sidewalk.  I'm squeezen' past this girl yappin' away about her job saying my excuse me's.  Gav catches up to me and says, "em, do you know you walked right past Andrew McMahon and he totally smiled at you?"  That took me a little by surprise, but when I had somewhat collected my whits, we went back and had a pleasant conversation with him and got his dad to take this picture of us.  Isn't it great when you meet someone you are a fan of and they are so nice that you like them and what they do even more for it?  Andy was really nice and friendly and cool.  Shorter and better looking in real life. I knew something magical was going to happen that night.  The show was really good too, small and cozy. He played every song from the new album and a couple of throw-backs. We drove home from there, all night long.  It wasn't easy keeping each other awake, but it was so worth it.

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ducklips said...

How incredibly fun! I'm so jealous.