Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On Creativity

As a career artist, creativity is one of the most essential tools in my box.  I’m always seeking out my next idea, which will marry a concept with an image to become something beautiful and meaningful.  This activity is my favorite part of the process.

The great thinker, Edward De Bono, who calls creative people “weirdoes," says this of them:  "They are strongly motivated to be creative. They put their energy in trying to create. Creativity is a top priority not just a peripheral luxury. ... If you spend more time trying to be creative you will be more creative. ... They are not satisfied with the things the way they are. They continually seek to do things in a different way.”

I’m not sure about being a “weirdo,” but I like being understood for having a strong motivation to be creative.  It reminds me of my rant in the interview I did for Today’s Mama where I went on about needing to take the time to create, as if away from the real stuff.  It’s too bad I feel that way, like my artistic endeavors are selfish.  We call that mama-guilt.  I would much rather look at it as a growing process, essential to my being, and a good thing all around. 

De Bono goes on to say, “The worship of weirdos implies the impossibility of creative skills for everyone else. This is directly contrary to my own belief that creative thinking is a skill that can be learned, practiced and used deliberately." Same, in fact I am trying to implement twenty minutes of drawing into my morning routine in order to grow my creativity.  "This 'opposite' of complacency is very important and powerful. ... They enjoy thinking. They enjoy being creative. They enjoy having ideas. Most people do not enjoy thinking at all." 

Can this be true?  Who doesn’t enjoy thinking?  I love thinking, thinking’s my favorite.  A friend of mine was wondering how I love to run so much.  She said, “You must enjoy your own company.”  Actually, I do.  I love being alone, lost in my thoughts; I could spent vast amounts of time there.  

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pamela said...

what a beautiful quote! and i love your thoughts on it em.