Friday, April 2, 2010



This is my first of five works for the Art Access 300 Plates show next month.  Here are a couple of the questions and my answers that will be usee in an "artist booklet" to go with the show:

*How do you usually approach your artwork?  Ideas come from any random moment, are jotted on a scrap of paper, added to the "painting ideas" list on my phone or, preferably, drawn in a sketchbook.  I just have to hang on long enough to get it down before slipping back into the atmosphere.  I approach my paintings as reactions to experiences got by consistently living.

*What were the challenges and/or rewards of working on the fundraiser's 10"x11" recycled litho plate?  I love creating art out of these plates.  This project gives me the most brilliant excuse to try something new, experiment with mediums and create with unbridled joy.  The challenge?  To apply this to all aspects of my work.

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