Monday, March 3, 2008


Just as I was using my Marie Osmond glitzer to bejewel my painting, (yes, I glitzed my painting, and I say why not!) what should come on PBS, but the Osmond's 50th Anniversary show! I glitzed away, while I be-bopped to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. This made it rather hard to center, but what a moment! Thanks Marie. And thanks Kristin for betting me one Marie Osmond Glitzer ordered off QVC for nailing the last clay thingy at the shooting range. It was a sweet shot.

That's beside the point. This post it about the painting. I love it, she has a haunting look. But I'm not sure what it is about. At some point I will have to give an explanation, always do. So, what is her story?


Kristin said...

I totally forgot that's why I gave it to you! I thought it was your birthday gift. But glitzing? holy cow you're awesome. Well you're welcome, and L-O-V-E the painting. And here's my story for it. She has a secret, or even better yet, something real like a person locked up. And she know it's the right thing to unlock it and set the person free or tell the truth whatever it is, but she knows the consequences will be bad for her. So she doesn't know what to do.

Cassandra Barney said...

I almost didn't check to see if you'd posted because I just didn't want to re-read the What I'm Excited about post again and yipee...and it's even entertaining too!
I like Kritin's explanation, I don't think I can top it. But maybe it's a portrait of you. They all are in a way I suppose. You are trying to hold on to that which hangs heavily around your neck.The key is what you think you are supposed to do while at the same time, you have that same re ribbon, that red ribbon that is my same red ribbon, pulling at you. It's a vein, it's that passion and you don't know what to do with it.
The key is the supposed key to your happiness only it is only glitzed by Marie Osmond.
Maye you should ask Marie what she think it means.

megan said...

I just saw Marie Osmond is going to be at the Phoenix Women's expo this year. Maybe you could go and ask her what it means there

The Petersons said...

My mom and I were looking at this last night and trying to figure out her story, she's very mysterious.. but I kinda think that she's like a Juliette kinda girl and she knows she should be with one guy but she's so passionately in love with someone else, so she has to keep that secret locked up so that she doesn't hurt anyone, including herself. She looks like she's pensive and a little tense and lying down, but she can't get comfortable. She knows she should be ok with her situation but she can't seem to make it work. And the glitz is just cuz she's so fab! :-)

Laurie said...

Hi Emily,

I saw your work in the BYU magazine and have been checking out your website ever since. LOVE your art.

Here's what I'm thinking about this painting: It's not clear whether she is outside or within the wall, but what matters is that she holds the key. She's pensive because she is about to make a big decision, probably a passionate one because her heart is on her sleeve. Because she has the key, she controls her destiny. The red ribbon could be the last thread of indecision slipping away.

Anyway, also loved The Other Boleyn Girl. The movie is pretty good, but leaves out too much of the story.

Thanks for finding the time to create such beautiful pieces while raising a family.