Thursday, February 21, 2008

What I'm Excited About:

My Crown. If you were painting a self portrait, wouldn't you have a crown? Be honest, now. I am the queen of my castle after all. With my three little princess in tow. An emerald for May, a topaz for November, and a peridot for August.

Bill Carman. He is a former student of my dad's and I love his art. Check out his website. He has done some fantastic children's books, and some day I will pick his brain about it. Have I mentioned I'm working on a book? Another post. Mr. Carman is a professor at Boise State. He has a crazy intriging imagination and does beautiful things with paint.

Granola. I love granola. I'm obsessed with making granola. I have made (and eaten, mmm) granola more times recently than I care to admit. One or two more times and I think I will come near to perfection. With a few small adjustments and additions, it's my mom's recipe that wins. I love that, "It's a family recipe. Sure, I'll give it to you. But, I'll have to leave out a key ingredient. I'm sorry, your granola will never be quite as good as mine, but I've sworn not to divulge the family secret."


megan said...

Ha Ha Ha! Yes I love that family secret recipe feeling as well. I love that no one can cook as well as my mom (in my opinion)and that everybody else wishes they or their moms could cook that wonderful. Also I would definitly add a crown to my self portrait. My dogs name is Royal and I want to do Catchers room with a "little Prince" theme. I think I might be a little obsessed with the royalty idea actually

jennie said...

yes, you should totally have a crown in your portrait. I'm excited to add a little emerald to my crown as well!

ducklips said...

Mmmmm....I love your granola. That was yummy. I agree w/ Meg and totally understand about not divulging the whole recipe.

I love that illustration. I will have to check out his web site.

And, you definitely deserve a crown. I think I would love to have a crown, but I do believe that there is a coup attempt being planned in the other room, so I better go check on the kingdom.

Amanda said...

come on, em, we're practically family!

megan said...

Reuben says he would like to come over and learn how to make it

lindsey1 said...

I can't believe how much that painting looks like you. You must spend a lot of time looking at yourself in the mirror cause kid, you're dead on. Plus, it funny with the crown, cause I don't know if I can recall a time seeing you without your crown on.

Suzy said...

I LOVE your crown. I wish I would have thought of it. And one day maybe I will make a sculpture of my own crown.

Emily, I stumbled onto your blog the other night (late) and I love it and all the beautiful art you are producing. I am so impressed. I fell asleep and dreamed about you and dreamed we were taking a picture together like the one you and Cass took somewhere on this blog!! Isn't that funny?!! I miss you. You are so cute. Your blog is inspiring and your girls are gorgeous.

Much love, Suzy

Shannon said...

Hi Em,
I am lovin your blog and also need you to paint me with a crown on my head... I love that. We should all be made to feel like we are the queens of our castle.
Hugs...Shannon C.