Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Secrets Revealed

Now that the gift giving is done, I can show what I have been so excited about. I had so much fun making these trays for my family. I was tempted to switch careers from painting to mixed-media collage! Wouldn't that be fun. My mom and dad's tray is entitled "Russle and Barbara are having a Party." Those are their bowling names. Pete, my brother, and Jenn's is a tribute to their love. I used a printed out copy of a painting I did of her and drew a little image of him and hung it on the tree with fruit-hearts. I made queen bee for my sister, Sari. She acts like royalty on occasion (I mean that in a good way), so I thought it would be fitting. My oldest brother, Josh, and his wife Lisa got my favorite, for zen purposes. It has a nice composition that I like to look at. My oldest sister, Cass, and Dan got a modge-podged paper doll, with a little felted coat. I color copied the image and gave them a few copies because I knew how hard it would be not to cut her out and play.

I think they liked them, once they figured out that they were trays. There was a little confusion upon opening that did not ease my homemade-gift-giving apprehension.

It felt good to take December off and just do some creative stuff. I have rejuvenated my creative wells. It's good to switch gears sometimes and start again with a clear head. I have some good stuff about to happen and can hardly wait to jump in and start whipping out these ideas filling my brain.


jennie said...

The only confusion that set in with the gift opening, was that we were all confused why you didn't want us to hang them on our walls!!! So... I didn't hang mine, I hung a shelf especially so I could prop the tray up on it. I ABSOLUTELY love it. I'm such a romantic, and Pete is so sentimental... it's perfect for us. Love you to death!

Hun said...

I was onl confused because I was tryingto figure out how I could keep ALL OF THEM. I couldn't figure out how to do it withot everybody noticing. You always make thoughtful gifts which are the very best kind. Love ya!

lindsey1 said...

Emily you are amazing! I am so jealouse of your creativity, and to top off it you wash it all down with talent.

ducklips said...

I love your trays. I am so excited to see them on your blog because I was trying to explain them and couldn't really do them justice.
Thanks for sharing all your creative ideas w/ us.
Can't wait to see all the new paintings coming out.