Friday, January 11, 2008

Get to Work!

I've been working and it feels so good! I have a lot of paintings to paint this year, and am super excited about everything. I finished a couple miniatures to send to Ohio already - so far so good. I started my first "Apron" paintings for my show in December. That's right, it's eleven and a half months away, but you'll see, it's going to come fast. I'll need at least twenty paintings for the solo show. The most I have ever painted in a year is twenty-five. My list, so far, this year is up to 47... Like I said, time to get to work!

I started my piece for the Spring Salon last night. I am doing a self portrait. I haven't done an official self portrait since I was in school. I'm thinking about doing one, loaded with symbolism and typical of my current work, every decade. The Spring Salon will be the very month I turn thirty. I like the idea, though you might have to remind me when I turn forty, please. I'm debating if the pose is a little too dramatic. I have another image that is more stagnant and sober. I liked how I was looking up to heaven, "help me..." said with a little one pulling my hair and another making freakishly high-pitched sounds. In my old age I am getting really inolerant to noises that hurt my ears. Speaking of, a big thanks goes out to Cloe, for standing on a chair next to the tripod and snapping pictures of me to use for scrap. You should have seen her directing the poses, she is a photographer in the making, for sure.


ducklips said...

I love it! It always amazes me how you can get faces so exact. said...

Emily, Just a note and congratulations on all of the fun and exciting things you have going on! I am a huge fan of your paintings and love knowing a real artist. Your personality sings through in your art. ps. I also love that color blue. Oh what am I saying, I love every shade of bllue, but especially that one, oh, and "summer evening softball game blue". Do you paint that one?

jennie said...

Sounds fun, can't wait to see the final product!