Sunday, August 26, 2007


I have explained the symbolism of the bird and the baby in my art in a previous post. To simplify, both are symbolic of the inbetweeness of heaven and earth. This is a piece I did years ago, I think early 2004. I like how she's hanging onto the baby/bird as if to say, "Don't go yet! Just let me hold and contain you a little longer before you become your own person." It's a little awkward, as if we are not supposed to do this.
I just found this watercolor which is the drawing I used for the painting. The watercolor was the first time I combined the baby and the bird.


jennie said...

Love this post. BTW-- check my blog again, my friend Jen Gray made a comment to you on my blog.

cassandra said...

Someday I want you to do the birdcage sculptures that you talked about's still a good idea.

emily said...

I'm all over that idea, sister. Still a good one, and I will do it some day.