Monday, August 13, 2007


Just before I took this piece up to my gallery (Terzian Galleries in Park City), I showed it to my dad. He looked at it for a good half a minute then said, "I don't get it." And on to the next. A day or two later we were in his studio. I was holding my baby and had a little girl hanging on each leg. He wanted to show me a piece he was working on, so we headed around to the far side of his drafting table. As I tried to move with clingy one two and three, dragging them across the floor, I exclaimed, "This. This is what that piece is about. They are always there!" It also has a tender side, they are a part of me. Even when they are not physically next to me, they are still with me. The sweetness has a titch of exasperation, but mostly love.


pete&jenn said...

I got it and I love it.

McPhie Family said...

That one is seriously one of my favorites!

dana said...

hi there. i am enjoying getting to know you and your work through your blog and web site. i posted about you on my blog today.

ducklips said...

I agree w/ the above comment. I got it, I love it, and I can certainly relate to it.

Ok, my sisters found you blog before me and were so excited to look at all your art work. So I have become one of the many blog stalkers.
This is Elise by the way, just in case you don't recognize ducklips.