Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Recurring Theme

I can't help myself. A woman's head is so often just asking for a bird. Symbolically, a bird represents the inbetweeness of heaven and earth. I have used this idea a lot in correlation with babies. When they come, it seems to me that they are still a little heavenly and only partially here, earthly with us. I like the idea of the baby descending from above and landing on her mother's head while her mother aids in her transformation and her earthly creation.
The fun part about these three pieces is when they were painted. I went from one baby, to two, and then there were three. The third has three birdies with mouths wide open, ready to feed. I was feeling a little stretched when I did that one.

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grittypretty said...

beautiful paintings! hey, i remember the cupcakes from your bfa show opening. they were cool.