Friday, August 10, 2007

Sheep Farm/Des Moines

I've posted a blog on this piece before - giving my take on it. A bit later, I got an email from the gal who bought the piece. Here is what she wrote about her painting:

Its nickname is “Des Moines” because whenever I get weary of the shenanigans of southern California (the crowds, nice but “plastic fantastic” people who carry mini doggies in their purses that cost more than my college education, surf culture, etc.) I tell my husband, “That’s it! We’re moving to Des Moines to a farm where we will home school, start a family band and a modern dance troupe, and I’ll write books while animals and kids run amuck. Des Moines!!!” I threaten this bi-monthly. The girl in the painting even looks like me—crazy huge hair and blue eyes that look focused, determined, or peeved depending on what’s immediately happening in my vicinity. When I look at it, I imagine the frame enlarging to show what is happening below and next to her (Disneyland Haunted Mansion style—you’ll know what I mean if you’ve been on the ride); children tugging on her skirt, chaos in general but she is standing firm, in control, dreaming of Des Moines. Who else could have loved this painting as much as me?!?

Of course, I gave her full permission to change the title to Des Moines. I also told her that this is why I sell the paintings I paint. The magic of putting art out there. I send out a piece of my soul and someone identifies with it and makes it their own. I love it!

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pete&jenn said...

I think it's great that she got so much out of that piece. what a cute post.