Thursday, July 26, 2007

Art, Life, Etc.

I have had unfinished projects stacking up all around my house. I finally realized that I haven't been finishing any house projects because of guilt. If I do a project it means I wasn't painting. Therefore, neglect means productivity. Well, that's stupid. So, I set out to finish a few things I have hangin' around. I purchased this light fixture in January, but couldn't decide if I liked it... for seven months. I really wanted some color in my living room and the fixture was brown, but I loved the shape and the sparkle. So, there it sat, making a mess of my living room. Then I had the brilliant idea to paint it! Better yet, I painted it turquoise and rubbed in a black glaze.
I liked the off-blue of the chandelier so much that I used the same-ish color to paint the lids of a bunch of jars I have been collecting - oh, I'm green alright. I couldn't stop there. I took an old fixture that we had replaced and spray-painted it mango to go in my lime sorbet studio. Love it. Now I just have to sew a few wacky dolls to tuck into the center... I'll get right on that. I finished a few other projects and chores and it turns out that I feel intense satisfaction - no guilt - every time I look at the fruits of my labors. Besides, I don't have deadlines till October, which means I have another month and a half till sheer panic sets in.


McPhie Family said...

Yay emily! I found your blog. :) And the chandelier looks A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! I need to come over and see all your new projects!

jennie said...

I LOVE the turquiose one!!!