Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lions Roar

"Have I not in my time heard lions roar?"
She said in her best Shakespearian. 
She was staring into the lion’s mouth,
Stale meat breath and sharp yellow teeth. 
She was afraid, but in her heart she knew:
There is safety in valor.
She held on tight and moved in closer.
 Open eyed, the vapor hit her face.
She was staring into the lion's mouth.
After, she will say in her best, 
"Have I not in my time heard lions roar?"


Amy said...

this is such a fun painting. love it.

good luck at Alcatraz.

A Little Sass said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow - what a poignant visual message. I so appreciate the depth of your work. I didn't know you were a poet in word as well!

Anonymous said...

This is just magical. I absolutely love it. "There is safety in valor." I'll be thinking about this a all day. Amy recommended your work to me (as I am a storyteller with a serious lack of visual magic). She was right. I've been looking through your website. You are so talented. I'm so glad I found you.