Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Upon Finishing

I'm on a count down to my big show. I'm eating, drinking, and sleeping paintings! I've given up most of my sleep, my gym time, and enlisted Gavin to take care of everything (i.e. dishes and kids) after six o'clock. Among so many other things, my bloggage has been slacking. Here are a couple of finished paintings to catch you up.  I have a good seventeen to finish in the next two weeks, and possibly a few more to start... and finish.  
I don't have a title for this piece yet.  I wanted to paint those apples, that hair, and immortalize that beautiful bowl that broke a few days later.  I loved that bowl.  Crate and Barrel doesn't have it anymore.  She is a little sassy and empowered.  A domestic goddess, if you will.
This piece is titled Little Girl in a Big Apron.  I did a smaller piece, Big Apron, Little Girl a while ago and wanted to expand on the idea.  I don't wear red, it gives me anxiety, so when I use red, I really mean it.  It is bold and powerful, zealous and impassioned.  The concept of the over-large apron is the daunting task, the overwhelming responsibility of family and home.   It is also the overwhelming love and dedication to these things. 

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Life in the circus said...

Beautiful! The detail in your paintings is always so intricate. I can almost feel what you felt as you dreamt them up.