Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two Sisters

One of the greatest challenges life gives us is finding balance. We have to balance our time between family, work, self, church etc. It requires constant evaluation and adjustment. I feel like I threw my family a little out of balance in preparing this show. So now, I keep asking myself questions about the balance of my painting time, like: what is this worth, what is it for, but mostly, am I anything so special that I can ask my family for their sacrifice? When Kate Winslet won the best actress Oscar tonight, she thanked her husband and two kids for allowing her to do what she loves. Gavin told me that he knows painting makes me happy and so it is worth any sacrifice to him. Still, it begs to ask, how much can I give it? Where is the balance? I haven't quite figured out my role as an artist.

The diptych above is about a search for balance between the me-self and the mother-self. One side has a drab apron and bright outfit, the other vice versa. Though these two selves are intertwined, I sometimes feel a need to separate them for clarity in sorting out identity.

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aBfife said...

I think you might be my emotional clone. Do I have the exact same struggles and issues with my painting vs. my family......oh yes. I think it is a life-long challenge to find the perfect balance. Just when you feel like you achieve the right balance, something changes and throws it out of whack. I love this painting. I feel like you looked inside my brain and made a painting....Does that mean I should buy it....ummmmm, yes.