Monday, July 21, 2008

Painting (Summer Part Final)

I've met my deadline for my first Tree of Life painting. I cranked this out in my dad's studio in Utah. He pushed me to soften edges and refine bits. As I always do, I learned a lot from his and Cass' input.  I love watching my dad and my sister paint.  I'm sure we have more similarities than we realize, but we do things so differently.  
From her faith and desire for goodness,
A tree with fruit of the purest love sprouted atop her head.
She willed them to partake.
If she could squeeze every drop of love from her soul,
Could it be untainted, so clean and white?
They will partake, they will be safe, good and eternally hers.


Natalie said...

I love the painting. You are so talented.

ducklips said...


of course you can come.

Jennifer said...

I like it a lot! I'm excited to see all three of the paintings you guys have come up with, and put them together with your different unique styles.