Friday, July 18, 2008

Projects (Summer Part Deux)

We crafted up a storm this summer. I already posted about making little books with Sari. A group of us made paper flowers one steamy afternoon. Boy did we make us mess. They'll be picking up wads of tissue paper out of the nooks and crannies of the patio for years to come. (Sorry mom) Cass has become obsessed with paper flowers - from funeral decorations to a spring sprinkling throughout her house. They make a lovely garland. We also made some goofy little dolls and animals using black fabric, bleach pens, a little ric-rac and embroidery floss. We had big aspirations, but only came out with a handful - that is a super funky handful. I love bouncing off both of my sisters' creativity. I love crafternoonin'! Projects just aren't as much fun when you are alone... ping goes the tear drop.

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megan said...

Those are awesome! I would love to just see some little kid carrying some doll like that around