Sunday, June 29, 2008


My plan was going great, I even managed to finish one miniature. It's a little version of "Big Apron, Little Girl." I plan to do a big version for my show when I get home.

It was going great, my painting plan, till my dad, my sister, and I were told that we need a finished painting advertising for our "Tree of Life" show by the third week of July. The show is in October, so this is unexpected. I have a couple half-finished... at home. I decided, rather than having Gavin send me the paintings to finish, I would start something new. Here is the drawing for the painting I will start tomorrow. I'm really excited about it. And, I am geared up and ready to paint like the wind.

Tree of Life, it gives us shade
Tree of Life, we've got it made
Tree of Life, I better run fast
Tree of Life, I'm late for class
Chump, Muthahardinyourfacejack, 1996