Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Craftin' Time

My list of baby presents has been growing and a few are long over due. Sounds like it's craftin' time. I saw this fun idea online, unfortunately I cannot find the link to share with you. I'll just show you how I did it.
First, I used an exacto to cut out a little picture/image/word on a piece of freezer paper.
Then I used spray adhesive to tack the stencil down to a onesie and blotted it with fabric paint.
And voila, I have some goofy, personalized baby presents.


ducklips said...

I just saw Catcher's onsie the other day at Meg's. Loved it! Where did you get that cool robot idea?

megan said...

We love his shirt! I told Reuben it was an Emily Mcphie original. Thank you!