Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My sister, Cass, and I were featured artists in the spring issue of Segullah, Writings by Latter-Day Saint Women. It is a really neat publication, I have enjoyed reading through this issue. It makes me want to write poetry and essays and stuff. The theme is Roots and Branches. Displaying our art together fit the theme, as we are shoots off the same branch. Our art also lends itself well to the theme because we paint with a lot of introspection and familial themes.


ducklips said...

How fun! I really like the painting of Cass' on the cover too.
I would love to read that magazine.

emily said...

I'll bring you a copy. And Elmer's rocks, we approve.

Emily M. said...

Thanks so much to you and your sister for contributing your art--it really brought the issue together in a powerful way.

Julie said...

Congratulations Emily! It's wonderful to have your talent recognized ... and sweet to share it with a sister.