Friday, May 16, 2008


Bound by a duty
That feels a little tight
Bound by love
So strong I feel fright
Bound and determined
Not to choke or suffocate
Bound to a promise
I cannot abdicate
Bound for eternity
Wrapped up in an embrace


Jennifer said...

I saw your painting at the springville art museum for the salon show. It looked so cool in person. I never realized that the key was three dimensional! loved it, If I owned money right now I'd buy it! (students and their crazy lack of funds!) Your sisters was also amazing. I think no matter whos it is, life paintings just beat any print ever created!

Linny said...

I love the poem!! The painting is just so perfect. I was telling one of my friends about your "apron strings" painting and she got all teary eyed. What are your thoughts and feelings of me telling my friends to check out your blog? Are you wanting to keep this private?

emily said...

Blog, private? Oxymoron.

Of course you can share!