Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Day

Happy happy birthday Ezra dear
Happy days will come to you all year
If I had a wish that it would be a
Happy happy birthday to you from me

From breakfast-in-bed together to dip-dipping in cheeshe fondu, Ezra Petunia and I had a wonderful 2nd birthday/mother's day. I made her a cute little skirt. And while I was at it, I made her a doll with a matching outfit and a birthday crown with leftover scraps from her skirt. She was stinkin' cute.

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers out there. A special, heart-felt Happy Mother's Day to my mom. You are wonderful and I love you. It's a grand realization when you become a mother yourself and stand in awe of all your mom did (and with minimal freaking out) for five kids! Thanks mom, couldn't have asked for better.


Heather said...

BEautiful and sweet and precious. She is really something. And that doll is awesome!

Happy mother's day to you.

jennie said...

I love the second pic of Ezzie! So cute! Congrats on your Southwest Art deal, I wish you would have named the painting "Clementine Dreams" instead:)

Kristin said...

Happy birthday to sweet Ezzy! She's so cute, and I definitely want to get a look at that cute doll!

megan said...

adorable! and that doll is awesome not weird

Natalie said...

I love the skirt and doll. I didn't know you could sew too! I am awful at sewing. Happy Mother's Day too.

ducklips said...

Ok so I wasn't in the library on Sunday so I missed seeing the birthday girl. She is adorable in these pics though.
Hope both of you had a great day.