Sunday, December 2, 2007

Flight 3898

I just returned from Utah, a.k.a Winter Wonderland!!! It snowed like crazy on Saturday and stayed through Sunday. I got my fix for the winter and am happy to return to the AZ! I took the short trip to Utah for my fifth art show/print signing with my dad and my sister, Cass. The shows are really fun. As if I am not lucky enough to paint, to express my thoughts and feelings and create beautiful images, but I get to share my paintings and ideas... and lots of people like them, too! The best part is hanging out with Cass and my dad. We get around to all sorts of interesting topics, and we laugh a lot. We have a great time. I love my family! Sometimes we get a little silly. Cass and I wore matching dresses to church today. I had a wonderful trip (did I mention no kids? That's right, I slept till nine and read till noon... sigh). It was super fun to hang out with mom, Sari, Pete (thanks for the fudge), Jenn, Clementine (she could have fit in my suitcase and I seriously considered it), Dan ( great, he makes us chocolate cake), Sunshine, Fiona, and Talulla sweethearts!!! Can't wait to come at Christmas time!


The Petersons said...

You are too cute! I want a winter wonderland!!! :-) You look great! Miss you!

Hun said...

Read my're been re-tagged.