Friday, December 14, 2007

Petits Livres

I made a few little sketchbooks for my girls. With mini-packs of colorful pens, they will make perfect stocking stuffers. They are only eight pages each (16 if you count each side), so I had to make a bunch. I'm afraid they'll fill them up by noon on Christmas morning. They really are so easy to make - I'll just make more! I used heavy card stock for the covers, four pieces of paper cut to size and folded in half for the middle, and one stitch on my sewing machine straight down the center. Easy cheesy, as delia says. So, ten days left on the countdown, and going strong! I'm in craft heaven. (BTW, sometimes I speak french to bug gavin, it really irritates him.)


megan said...

I just needed to comment because these books are so cute!

lindsey1 said...

Oh my gosh! Those are so cute and magical!! That kind of craftyness is right up my alley. You might have to inspire me with project ideas when I come in February.