Thursday, November 29, 2007


I've been tagged. Which means I must write six little know facts about myself. This concept made my head swim and I thought I might do better if I had a theme. So, my six facts are not only little known, but are facts that make Gavin look at me like I'm crazy. After ten years of knowing me, I can still surprise him, and I revel in that.

1. I sort my laundry into four piles: whites, warm mediums, cool mediums, and really darks. The girls are really good at it. When Gavin was helping me last week, he tried to challenge me with grays - nice try.
2. Only boring people get bored, so I told my kids that "bored" is a bad word. Watch what you say around them, they'll call you on it.
3. I can listen to an album, mix, or even a song, over and over and over.... I only change the six CDs in my car when I want to avoid his derision.
4. I can hock a loogie like nobody's business. (When I'm sick.)
5. There is a placenta in my freezer... still.
6. I often forget to put on deodorant.

Wow, that was more personal then I have ever been in blogland. It was refreshing, maybe I'm turning over a new leaf. Now I am supposed to tag six people in return. I could do that, but I would rather tag Hun six times. She is absolutely capable of coming up with thirty-six crazy facts. Tag, sister, your it.


ducklips said...

I love your six things. Ok, the BO thing and placenta (in your normal freezer) are actually pretty gross, but a little nasty helps to bring others things into perspective sometimes.

I like that you separate into warms and cools. Only an artist would think of that.

megan said...

I loved reading this! I even read them to Reuben because I thought they were so great/gross. You may have to explain the placenta in your freezer.

emily said...

I make no explanations. But, I am sorry I got so gross.

cassandra said...

The good thing is that you're vegetarian so there is no worry that you'll accidentally fix it for dinner.
I'm tagged...I know. I'm working on it.
Love ya!!! Hun