Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On Blogging

A new year, a fresh start.  
Happy 2012!  
I'm not a fan of resoluteing, but I am fond of goal setting.  On my running list of goals is the big B. Blogging has alluded me this past year or so.  I gave myself that year to be in la la baby land.  This is where I still reside, true, but it is time to add some professional productivity into the mix.  The thing is, I write blog posts in my head daily.  I even take pictures for them.  I must confess I have about a dozen drafts, half finished posts that will never see the pixels of the screen.  I'm not about to publicly dedicate myself to 365, (what? it's already January 18th?) to 347 (leap year? ghat) 348 posts in 2012.

In my aged wisdom I have learned two things.  One.  Don't set yourself up for disappointment.  Make goals reasonable and flexible.  And be ok with doing your best, with a heart full of gratitude for what you were able to do. Consistency and persistence? Yes and yes.  But it's not black and white.  In this great balancing act there will be weeks to crank out work, weeks where your work is a 5th grade science project and a 2nd grade book report, soccer tournaments and a dance recital.  There is an ebb and flow, roll with it. Paramount to my happiness is to lay my head on my pillow at night with a sigh and a smile of satisfaction for a day well spent.  Not a list of all that I was not able to accomplish, and what I will not become because of it.

Well earned wisdom number Two.  I love organization. This weekend we cleaned out and reorganized our entire garage and playroom.  I am still giddy about it.  (It was really hard work, Gavin called me a slave driver and the girls only helped after I put all their toys in garbage bags to take to D.I..  Lots of tears.  But so worth it.  I really appreciated their hard work, they know how to make a mama happy.) Back to the point, the key to my success in any endeavor is to have a well mapped plan.  So here is it: Three posts a week, one Sunday drawing, a midweek post about what is going on in my studio (hopefully paintings, possibly something awesomely crafty), and thoughts on a topic (yes, these posts will have pictures! You know that reading text is always optional).  Also important, I've designated a specific blogging time in my daily schedule.  Now, to execute.  Wish me luck, cut me some slack, here's to a super 2012!


Frances said...

Well, I just love your work and your blog so bring it on!

Katy said...

Can't wait to see all the new posts!

Morgen said...

How can you blog with that cute baby to look at!

A Little Sass said...

Oh I love that baby! I might have to come and take him for a while so you can get all that blogging done!