Friday, January 20, 2012

In the Studio

I am working on a commissioned painting.  Four kids + party hats = super cool.  It's for Christmas... hopefully I'll finish it next week.  This is conditional on whether or not I can put a hold on Valentines and other super cool projects and buckle down!  In the mean time, other painting deadlines are creeping up and nipping at my heals.  
So here is yesterday's creative distraction:

 I saw this idea here.  She used pictures of castles out of books, I thought I could ink/watercolor on parchment paper and come up with something lovely.  Indeed I did.  The drawing is an illustration of a Brothers Grimm tale called The Glass Mountain.  I like things that glow.  (Note the battery powered candle.) Now, back to work.
P.S.  Did you know that my right side bar has pages with all my paintings from 2010 and 2011?
I let my website lapse while I work on a redesign, so I put archives up here for now.


Em said...

I'm new around here, I found you way back when you and your sister did an interview for BYU Magazine with your father. I'm glad to hear you'll be blogging more often!!

My 5-year-old just saw the picture of the castle lit up and said, "how do you make that?!"

Morgen said...

That is totally cool! I love the table, too. Your house must be so much fun.

jennie said...

We love our Rapunzel Tower. THANK YOU!