Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Project #6, #8, and #9

Project #6
Crocheted Bears
I've been working on these for months, Monday morning, finally finished.

Project #8
Ok, really I just got new sheets and washed them.  I had thought about woodburning a little boat on one side and the names of all my babies and their birthdates on the other side, but decided not to do it.  Maybe I'll still get to it, maybe not.

Project #9
I reorganized all my files with the rearranging of guest room to office, office to baby's room.  We got Gavin new office furniture with file drawers, so I inherited the old 4-drawer file cabinet.  I have drawers for business, scrap, and other art stuff.  My old two-drawer file cabinet moved to the kitchen to file school stuff as it comes, and the keepables for all three girls from the school year.  Also, I have files for coupons, store credit, reference, take-out menus, manuals, etc.  I'm an organizational genius!

And, 9 projects, finished.

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