Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby Project #3, #5 and #7

Project #3
The Crib
I reconstructed this mobile (it was really old and ugly).  I painted the base, cut off the old animals and made these little swimmers.
Here is what baby will see:
Project #5
Project # 7
Phew!  I've been saying I'm ready for baby every day for three weeks now, but every day I don't have him I get so much done and think of so many things I forgot that I'm glad I didn't have him yet (sort of).  I've done tons of organizing (yes, including the top of the closets), I have a new filing system, and my junk drawer doesn't have any junk in it!  I've gone through all my girls clothes and they are ready for school!  (This may sound a bit over the top, but they start July 25, which is in two weeks!)  I've even moved into getting the house company ready for my mom and sister to visit.  I have a few things left on my list, but I'm about to run out!!  Do you think you could ever really run out of things to do? 
My current task is getting the studio painting ready so I can get to work as soon as the dust settles.  I am so excited to start a new batch of paintings.  Speaking of dust, I was really hoping this haboob would put me into labor!  No such luck, but we have a few monsoons coming this week...  I'm due Tuesday, I've never gone over a due date and I'm sticking to it.  Maybe Double Dream Hands will do it.

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Emily, you are so amazing! I loved looking thru all the projects you've been doing lately, and have to admit I am quite jealous of your go-and-do-ness. Good luck on your baby's birth.