Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break

Oh Disneyland.  We had a wonderful vacation, and all our disney dreams came true.  Including wearing badges on our Birthday so we got tons of birthday wishes.  As we reviewed our maps on the last night, we were down to three rides we had not done.  That's right, we did everything else. Turns out five days allows you to be pretty thorough between the two parks!  (Says the exhausted, but satisfied mother.)  Anyway, Honey I Shrunk the Whatever was one of the rides we had left and we were debating whether it was worth hitting before we headed out.  Just as gavin repeated his sentiments that they should bring Captain EO back, considering recent events, we discovered they had!!  And it was every bit as thrilling as it was in 1986.  M.J. in his prime, remember when he was good looking?  I had a hard time staying in my seat, I wanted to bust out my fire girls 550 south moves.

My mom came down and did a couple days with us which was fun.  We took an afternoon to go the beach with my mom and some good friends.  Felt good for my soul.  I so wish I lived near the ocean!
We brought a project for our down time: fun with calligraphy pens and colored inks.  We didn't get too far (I couldn't stop reading cook books, I'm a little addicted as of late) but we had fun experimenting and are definitely on to something.  

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Lisa Lisa said...

Ok, love the sand sculpture mermaids. Fun! You were always quite brilliant at sculpture stuff as I recall...remember the dragon made out of snow during senior spirit week. Ahhh...the memories.