Sunday, September 30, 2007

One of my favorite scenes in life: my sweet girls next to me, all in a row at church, quietly and busily sketching in our sketchbooks. (I cropped out Gavin on the end, wrestling Ezra, cheerios a-flyin'.) They love their sketchbooks, and I love to see what they come up with.
Cloe, who will be four next month, drew this picture of me and a snowman. Oh, and that's her at the top. I have rosy cheeks, a standard in her drawings of people, and some serious eyelashes.
This is my delia's. She is six. She drew her sisters, me, and herself. We are princesses with high heels. I love the clouds and flowers in vases. They both want me to have long hair, so they included that in their drawings. Too cute!


ducklips said...

I love the sketch pads. Those are the cutest drawings and they give such insight into what the girls are thinking.

I always love to see what my kids draw. It's usually pretty close to the same thing, but still surprises me every time

jennie said...

LOVE THIS PICTURES! Can't wait to see you guys.