Sunday, April 14, 2013

Unconditional Devotion

Unconditional Devotion
oil on panel

“I see you have bunny ears growing out of your head. It’s strange...but, ok by me.” 

“You’re heart is exposed and aflame. Passionate and Vulnerable. I like it.” 

A friendship with unconditional devotion accepts who we are as we are. Little children are so good at this. They love discovering what is different about each other without passing judgement. Without deeming our particular, or peculiar, traits as good or bad.

If we could all be so devoted to our friendships, dispensing acceptance not assessments. If we saw our individual uniqueness as a cause to celebrate, not criticize. Would we be more willing to follow our own path and learn more fully the lessons life has to teach us? Could we gain more from each other and find harmony and beauty all around as we are encircled in love?


Jennifer Kohler said...

Saw your "Two Minds" painting in SLC at the Rio Grande Depot, and am, smitten.
Do you ever have studio visits? I'm from St. George, Utah, and am in Mesa this week and would love to meet you.
Keep being an artist, a wife and a mom, among all the rest of the great things you are doing.
: )
Jennifer Kohler

Anonymous said...

I just love your work so much! I especially love how you are a mother and an artist. I don't think people understand how amazing that is!! Keep it up, we LOVE it!

Katie Carling

Rachel Hamilton said...

Hey Em! I'm so amazed to see this article. I am so proud of you, your art work and who you are. Love you!

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