Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Old Rinkrank Decoded

The Glass Mountain

This is a list of symbols and their meaning used in my Old Rinkrank series of paintings:
  • Yellow represents youth and innocence and unhindered hope as found in our heroine's dress at the start of her journey and again in the ribbon used to release Old Rinkrank's beard from the window.
  • The Glass Mountain is our perceived hopes and dreams.
  • Old Rinkrank symbolizes fear that holds us captive, preventing our potential greatness.
  • Red, whether fully exposed or covered and protected by sweaters or armor, is for vulnerability.
  • Dishes and Beds represent the everyday things that busily keeping us from progressing.
  • Gray and sweaters are for pondering; quiet on the outside while actively engaged in our inner landscape.
  • The Ladder is a tool to work our way out of a fix, to get us back on our mountains.
  • Armor is for determination, protection, and strength.
  • The Landscape is stylized as a tribute to Arthur Rackham, illustrator of the Brother's Grimm and other fairy tales and stories.
When she was at the top she opened the window
oil on panel


Sue said...


I am so SICK that i missed your Are you coming again?

Would you be open to having your art at BYU museum?gallery showing in Salt Lake! I looked earlier and my phone couldn't get the info, and now it's too late. SOOOOO SAD!~

This is Rebekah Griffin by the way

Marilyn said...

Hello, Emily,

I have been loving your paintings from the story of "Old Rinkrank," and I've wondered whether you have told or had someone tell a great version of the story in conjunction with a show of the paintings. I hope so. As a storyteller, I can imagine how the oral telling and the visual art would work together. Personally, I'd love to collaborate on something like that.

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