Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sunday Drawings/Flannel Board Fever

It's the year of the flannel board.  Between Pete's Christmas gift (a flannel board with nativity pieces) and Cass' piece in the 9th International Art Competition, I have flannel board fever.  So, General Conference had me drawing our first flannel board story.  We just finished reading the Book of Mormon as a family (whoop whoop) and are about to start again, so we are telling the story of Moroni, then leading into the first vision.
Process: I took a big piece of flannel, fused it (wonder under) with a pice of muslin, gessoed, drew with pencil, colored with colored pencils, cut out the pieces, and it's story time.  Next time I should let the kids help... 

I'm thinking of starting a flannel story exchange.  Any takers?  

Spring Break is over.  I sent my sweet babies back to school after 17 days of togetherness.  It was hard to let them go, but we had lots of fun while they were home.  Here is what we have to show for it. 

This used to be a CD shelf in Gavin's office. I spray painted it turquoise.  Then, together, we drew and painted on the back panel.  Now it resides in the studio and holds art supplies, of course!  

We also mod podged these little clip boards for the car.  One must not be too far from drawing supplies at any given moment.


liesel said...

I'm tempted... so very tempted by your flannel story exchange. I will admit I am slightly intimidated to do it with you.. and a bit apprehensive about my perfectionist tendencies. (I can take on projects that start out simple.. and I go overboard and end up making it much more complicated though awesome). What I do love about the idea is the fantastic kid FHE lesson potential. Also the technique sounds so inviting. And yours turned out so beautifully! And so I will timidly say that I am interested.

Andrea Christensen said...

I echo liesel's sentiments - especially the intimidation factor, but i'm game!

amber said...

I agree with not being too far from drawing supplies especially in the car! You don't know how many times I went grabbing for paper at stop lights to do a *very* rough sketch before the image left my head!

Love your work by the way!

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