Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In the Studio: Baby Shoes

I heart felt!
And, I heart baker's twine!
 I made these super cute felt shoes for a baby shower gift.  I also gave my friend an Olivia book as an accessory to match the booties.  I used this template, with a few variations.  There are a lot of patterns, like this one and this one which is more simple, I'm trying it next. 
This was the first pair I made for baby boy.  They are soft and scrumptious and perfect till he crawls.  And sometimes they stay on for more than a minute.
Speaking of crawling, he is very close.  I set up the pack-n-play for bug-a-boo in the studio.  He loves it now, but any second I'm afraid he will want to bust out of there!  Oh boy, hide the polly pockets... and turpentine.


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