Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Project #1 - Finished

I've set myself up to do nine projects for baby boy.  With a four week countdown (!!!) and all project started (and making a giant mess), I've got to get in finishing mode and wrap these up!

I tried to explain to Gavin the nature of nesting as being a real, true need.  More than an urge, more than a funny label to put on kooky pregnant behavior, much more than a whim.  I need to have my entire house in order to feel ready to give birth.  Down to the tops of closets, which I will soon be obnoxiously obsessed with.  All the tops of all the closets in my whole house.

Project #1: Paint Dresser.  Sari and I got this dresser when we were little.  I'm having a memory of a tape line down the middle of the top, front, then zig-zagging across the rest of the room to divide mine and hers.  She often put me in a conundrum with the door on her side and me having to go to the bathroom real bad.  Sisters rule.



Morgen said...

That dresser is darling! Way to go little mama.

jennie said...

Holy Moly! I love it. You never cease to amaze me.

Lisa Lisa said...

Yes! I'm digging the fishy drawer pulls...nice touch.