Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekend Treats

So, I'm having a hard time being productive as of late.  Among the many balls being dropped are finishing any of the many blog posts I have running through my head, even those half-started.  My sister, on the other hand, is quite up to date.  We will be doing a couple of fun shows/events this weekend in Utah.  For information, visit Cass's blog.

What I have managed to complete are a few new paintings, like the above piece which I titled: Hippopotamus Secrets.  You may be thinking, "But, that's a rhinoceros."  Indeed it is.  And that tells you something about the state of my brain in my sixth month of pregnancy.  Cloe (7) mumbles, "I told you it was a rhinoceros," in the background.  Nobody ever listens to kids, except rhinos and hippos of course.

2 comments: said...

Sometimes when you ask for a hippopotamus and all you get is a rhinoceros, you just have to make do.

ducklips said...

Oh, I love that painting so much. There is so much innocence in it, and wisdom.