Saturday, February 26, 2011

Five of them were Wise and Five were Foolish

 I painted this triptych of the Ten Virgins for a show brought together by Art of the Restoration, opening 1 March at the Church Museum of History and Art.


Amy said...

Em- I absolutely love these. Are you coming up for the opening?

Andrea Christensen said...

I really love these. You inspire me! (Seriously, you do. I even went to the store today and bought my first set of acrylic paints since high school!)But I can't tell - is this oil (which you talk about painting in a lot) or watercolor - it looks like watercolor to me, but you talk about painting in oil.

emily said...

Andrea - This is in oil, like most of my work. Go get painting! Fun.

Amy - I am not going to make it up for this opening, but will be there later in March. We'll see you then! said...

Love it!

DixieJo said...

I saw this at Church Art Museum. It is beautiful. Is there any way or somewhere I can get a print of it?

Kimberli said...

I loved this piece - my favorite at the exhibit. I have a question, though: Why are the wise virgins' heads covered, while the foolish are bare-headed? Also, the wise virgins all have longer hair, past their shoulders. Why is this? If you could answer me, I'd very much appreciate it -

thank you!

Laurel said...

During a visit with our young women to the Church History Museum we were truly inspired by this beautiful painting. We are doing our YW in Excellence on this parable because it touched our hearts. Is this in print and available? So beautiful!

Thank you! :)

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