Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Painting as Therapy

I love painting so much.  I could start every "journal style" post like that.  Combine the opening sentence with pregnancy hormones, and you've been warned.  I've been feeling very disconnected lately.  Trying to remake plans for the next year, or the next twenty some-odd years, and give myself over to the idea of this pregnancy and another b-b-b-baby.  I am afraid of losing myself, my identity, my spark.  This is when painting becomes therapy.  The process reconnects me and brings me back to center.  Creativity, as well as productivity, gives me sanity.  I am working on a big painting of the ten virgins.  With ten figures, it is a lofty project.  It is just what I need.


pamela said...

having a creative outlet as therapy has been on my mind a lot lately. perfect post.

Jenn said...

Hi Emily,
I was wondering if it is safe to paint with oil paints while pregnant? Do you just stick with acrylics? Or can you still paint with oil paints? - same with the fumes the paints give off? If you know anything please share- thanks!!

Lisa Lisa said...

Don't forget, doll...a very wise and darling person once told you: "be where your feet are". Sometimes projecting too far ahead can make you go a little bonkers. Just paint it, Em...and there you'll be. I betcha this baby will ignite a brilliant new chapter of Emily McPhie masterpieces. Love your guts.

ducklips said...

What?! You are prego? Where have I been and why have I not been paying attention? When are you due? I am so excited for you!

I'll be home for Christmas. Let's get together.

Love the painting, btw, but what else is new? You're genius.

sarah playle said...

I completly understand art as therapy. Art started for me in my teens as just as way to process the chaos of my life and only this last year has it progressed into actual selling work. I still, though,keep a private art journal jsut for me and my own theraputic way of processing life and the world