Thursday, November 11, 2010


 I took an entire day off of painting (... and just about everything else) to craft.  Sometimes you just have to do that - it's good for the soul.  Cass and I started these dolls when she was here last month.  I have a baby shower tonight for a mom having a boy and adopting a girl.  I am in love the the little boy's tight, polk-a-dot shorts.  You know, boys can have dolls too.  These dolls are the perfect size for a little fist to grasp and squish, and chew on.  I've been experimenting with fabric flowers, which I used to top off the girl's head.  Very Frida-like.
I think this guy needs a little pair of suspenders.  Back to work.  Wish I could make a hundred of these!! Sister come back!!

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