Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wild Hearts can't be Broken

My film-making debut!  I just found a new hobby (cause that's what I needed).  This weekend, Cass and I made a sequel to our movie, Tell me about Dancing, from last February in chilly Utah.  PHDT (said ffff-dot, standing for party-hat dance troupe), episode 2, the Arizona chapter.  I got to edit this one and learned how to use imovie.  Way too much fun.  Way too many ideas.

We had so much whirl-wind fun this weekend.  Hun taught me how she makes skirts, we made little dolls,  party-hat props for our movie, went to a punkin' patch and saw pigs race, got chills in the hobby lobby, hardly slept, and squeezed in some shopping.  I always get the coolest stuff when I shop with my sisters.  I really needed some concentrated, spontaneous creativity, of which Cass is the queen, and my girls needed cousin time.  And, now I need a nap.  I'm so glad they came, thanks for coming over, sister!

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Alice Wills Gold said...

I just love this.

Most of all because ONLY with sisters can you have so much fun, especially on a whim.