Monday, August 2, 2010

Flash Barroom begock Plop

The First Egg

A couple days ago we had a full on monsoon.  It had been threatening for a while, 65% humidity with the temperature going over 100 every day (pretty sticky and miserable).  So, we welcomed the crazy wind, flashes of lightning, and wild downpour that made lakes of our overflows.  At one point in the afternoon there was a clap of thunder that literally shook the house... and out popped Crystal's first egg!  The thunder scared an egg right out of her.  Just like on Goonies when the balloon pops and the chicken lays an egg to tip the scale and make the bowling ball roll and crank the gate open.  It's little and blue and so precious that we haven't cracked it yet.  We need more barometric pressure so they'll do it again, we haven't had one since (though, we look five times a day)!  I've been giving them extra treats like flax seeds, they need nourishment and omega 3s!  Love our chickens.

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Katie said...

Yay! Congratulations! Ours haven't laid any eggs yet, though I have been told it's only a few weeks away.